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My Journey To Here....

Self care for your body, mind, and spirit, at your own pace. Find your inner strength, make a little time for yourself, learn to be calm, and grounded in the new world. You will discover a whole new you, much more resilient than before. Private yoga sessions with combined modalities, for inner child work, trauma, and/or s/assault are currently FULL.

Greetings lovely beings, a special welcome to my new on-line yoga and meditation studio! My name is Maggie. I am a yoga & meditation instructor, registered as a CYA-E-RYT550 in Canada, and an E-RYT500; with YACEP designation in the U.S.A., [recognized internationally through Yoga Alliance]. I am certified as a Reiki Master and I have also completed advanced certification in teaching meditation.


In my own personal journey, I have traveled all over the world as a Registered Nurse. I licensed as an RN and worked in three countries, also obtained a B.Sc.N. and then a CCRN designation from California. Nursing was a powerful experience for most of my adult life and I am now retired [but are nurses ever retired really?].  

In my own personal practice I meditate several times a day. I am quite sensitive to EMF or electromagnetic fields, so I have created a sacred earthing station in my garden near my bee hives, where I walk barefoot on Mother Gaia every day to repolarize. I practice Kundalini, meditation and Yin every day. My special interest in doing energy work is in helping women to release emotional trauma energy that has been trapped within their physical body tissues.

I am certified to teach Meditation and Yin, Kundalini, and Vinyasa yoga. My favorite live class to teach is breathwork in meditation, combined with Yin Yoga, meditative movement, healing sound, and mantra for combined energy work with activated crystals. Remember, true yoga is a personal and spiritual journey that was originally designed only for the mind (it is not what is often portrayed on Instagram in western culture). What I like in feedback from students who take my classes is that everyone can take them and obtain really positive results.

I had a wonderful opportunity to complete circle facilitator training 2023 with the Wild Women Project. This was an incredible and powerful experience and led to my own Full and New Moon Circle gatherings for women.


I am excited to have also been given the opportunity to also study to be a Kirtan Leader this year. Kirtan is a call and response energy experience. I am learning to use my voice as I play the harmonium and sing chants in both the Bhakti Sanskrit traditions, as well as Kundalini tradition which uses the language of Gurmukhi. My dream is to learn to play all of the chants in the Aquarian Sadhana this year.

I really believe in the healing power of vibration and energy. This forms a mainstay in my offerings. As a Yogini, I really enjoy doing energy work. I also sing, play the harmonium, frame drum and crystal singing bowls. I like to include that healing energy in my personal practice each day.

The past year of 2023 was a pretty busy one for me of manifesting, concentration on projects and creation. Like many I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards at 14. Through the years I read for myself, family and close friends. I decided to really concentrate on this intuitive gift and spent over a year of intense study and practicum, recently becoming Certified as a Tarot Reader/Advisor CBTA. It just seemed a perfect fit to offer all of my energy modalities in packages with Tarot Readings, and that is how the Enchanted Bee Tarot Cottage came to life! I started my on line Tarot practice in 2023. You will find me reading tarot for people in four places: 1. on an American Psychic Site; 2. on Biddy Tarot, an Australian based international site; 3. via Zoom from my webpage, and also now 4. in person in my Tarot Rooms on Galiano Island.


In 2023 I was chosen for advance study in Tarot mysticism and divination with the Tarot Mysticism Academy. There I engaged in rather intensive study on Astrology; Kabbalah; Mastering the Thoth Egyptian Tarot; High and Low Magick; Esoteric Mysticism; and Divination. I just completed the program early in June, 2024. I am about to enter the Mastermind Program which will keep me busy for the next year.

I bring all of these gifts to my clients.

Sending you personal peace and white light energy on your personal journey back to the stars.

Namaste, Maggie 

Follow Your Own Path...

Follow Your Own Stars...