The nine chakra system.

The chakras are swirling disks of energy. While most practitioners of yoga recognize seven chakras, in my advanced yoga teacher training [RYT500], I learned the twelve chakra system. This free course focuses on the most well known nine chakras.

Yet, there are literally dozens of other chakras. Each level of study you undertake reveals more of what is yet to be revealed to you.

“Chakra,” in Sanskrit translates to “wheel or disc" and is a spinning vortex of energy. This describes each of the energy centers that line up along the central vertical axis of the human body and also at different outlying points. The body’s chakras have been studied by humans for millennia in different cultures around the planet.

How do they function?

The chakras function as regulators for the flow of energy through and around us.

They are not physical, though the tip of each vortex connects to our spine and endocrine glands.

Some chakras correlate to a specific organ and endocrine system in the body. This can also include emotions and fears. One primary way we experience our spiritual self in physical form is through these chakra energy centers, each of which has a unique frequency. 

What are chakras?

Chakras are energetic facets of our consciousness and are denser than auras (which are manifestations of the radiance of well­ functioning chakras) but they are not as dense as the physical body. For instance, the halo depicted in paintings throughout history is the manifestation of a completely open and functioning nineth chakra.

Each chakra is comprised of a specific color, sound and geometric form that's unique to you.

Starting with the 9 Chakra System will help you to identify and begin to work with your own individual chakra frequencies as a way of understanding yourself more completely and fully experiencing your spiritual being in physical form.

Introducing Your Nine Chakras

The Nine Chakras

There is so much to learn! Let me make it easy

for you with this course.

The origins of the modern chakra system can be traced back to the Vedas, the oldest and most sacred texts of modern Indian culture. This was the earliest foundation of modern Ayurvedic medicine. Today the chakra system is the mainstay of a variety of spiritual practices found around the world connecting you to the earth and to spirit or source.