Ancestral Tarot Package - $65

Experience profound healing and growth with the "Ancestral Tarot Package" for $65. This package connects you with the wisdom of your ancestors, offering guidance for self-protection, decision-making, and personal healing. Through multiple tarot spreads, you’ll explore insights from Ancestors of Blood, Place, and Time. Personalized Tarot Zodiac Wheel Birth Cards provide further revelations based on your birth date. Additionally, a Reiki/energy assessment helps identify and clear spiritual imbalances, while manifestation exercises support your journey. Embrace this opportunity to mend ancestral wounds and discover inner peace and understanding.

Before your session...

Please remember I do not read for pregnant women. At this time all in-person sessions are only for women. You can book for an in -person session, or via ZOOM.

All Tarot Packages are priced in USA dollars.