The Enchanted Bee Tarot Story

Maggie is a Certified Tarot Reader and Advisor, CBTA, a graduate of the rigorous Biddy Tarot Certification Program. She is featured on their website and has consistent 5 star reviews. She reads for clients all over the world on-line. She also now does in person readings on Galiano Island. 

Maggie has also been selected for advanced Tarot mysticism and divination study with the Tarot Mysticism Academy. She is currently in a 2-year program studying Astrology; the Kabbalah; the Tree of Life; Mastering the Thoth Egyptian Tarot; Divination; High & Low Magic and Esoteric Mysticism.

You can book different Tarot readings and accessory items a la carte from the Tarot menu, and/or you can book different packages combining different energy modalities with for example 3-4 card, 5-7 card, and personal question/general overall 10 card readings.

Two tarot reading rooms are available on Maggie's Enchanted Property. The Enchanted Bee Tarot Cottage, overlooking Maggie's bees where you can watch the bees from behind windows and breath the bee air and vibration. [Warm season permitting]. Or you can have your reading away from the bees if you prefer in the Crystal Portal, a covered, open area garden room. Perfect, rain or shine.

Did you know?

All of my Tarot readings and packages automatically include a 6 card assessment to start. The number of cards in the reading descriptions, are the additional question cards in a tarot spread designed just for you...

A Modern Mystic on Galiano

Maggie started reading Tarot cards like many at age 14. Her grandmother had read tea leaves, and did fortune telling with simple playing cards. There were mediums in her family. [This side of the family came from Northern Ireland, and are called 'travellers' while they appear as gypsies but this is not a term used. They are thought to have originated in India, eons ago, before ending up in Ireland, and this would explain perhaps the strip of SE India DNA found in test results, for a blond blue eyed woman!]

Initially over the years Maggie honed her Tarot Card Reading intuitive skills by doing hundreds of readings. Now after advanced study, she combines her enhanced technical Tarot skills to her readings. Her other modalities such as Reiki, Energy Work, Crystals, Rune Stones, Astrology; Sound Therapy, Ceremony and Ritual are all combined in a variety of her unique Tarot Readings and Combination Packages.


Available By Limited Appointments Only

Please check the Tarot menu carefully, as some items require prior information with advance notice for appointments ie Astrology Natal Charts. To conserve her energy, Maggie only does a few readings or sessions per week. She only reads for one person at at time.

Please note a few things before booking - all in person tarot readings and packages are currently only available for female clients; all prices quoted are in USA dollars to accommodate international clients. Maggie has a 'no tipping' policy [return clients often bring small tokens as gifts for the Crystal Portal reading room, and these are very much appreciated].

For any questions please email:

[email protected]

Where is Enchanted Bee Tarot Located? How do I Get There?

Galiano Island is the Gateway to the Southern Gulf Islands - beautiful pristine islands off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The closest island to Vancouver, we are easily accessible from the Canadian mainland, other local islands and the U.S.A. by ferry, boat or floatplane.

If you are sailing to the island, or taking a float plane, or staying at the Inn - I can pick you up and bring you to The Enchanted Bee Tarot for your reading experience and return you!

Please be advised. Tarot reading and divination are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice: medical, health and/or legal counsel and/or guidance. For entertainment purposes only.

Brought to you with love and light.

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